FEI Talos 200kV Cryo-EM dedicated Electron Microscope

    The FEI Talos is a 200 kV High Brightness Schottky FEG Electron Microscope that form one of the corerstones of our facility. The Talos has a C-Twin objective Lens and is dedicated to only Cryo-EM applications. Cryo-EM data can be collected manually, semi automatically, or automaticaly using EPU software (FEI) or Serial EM (developed at University of Colorado-Boulder).

      Highligted Features include:
    • C-Twin Lens
    • Falcon II Direct Detection Camera
    • FEI Ceta 16M Camera
    • Piezo Stage

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FEI Tecnai G2 F30 300kV Super Twin Electron Microscope

    The FEI Tecnai F30 is a 300kV FEG scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) that forms one of the cornerstones of the Advanced Electron Microscopy Core Facility. The microscope can be operated at the maximum accelerating voltage of 300 kV and is capable of atomic resolution imaging in both TEM and STEM modes. The microscope uses a Schottky field emission gun as its electron source, providing the highest current density and the smallest electron probe-size, which are critical for high spatial-resolution analysis using the scanning mode.The microscope is currently equipped with a high performance CCD camera with 4k x 4k resolution for image recording, an X-ray energy dispersive spectrometer (EDX) for compositional analysis, and STEM detectors for bright-field, annular dark-field, and high-angle annual dark-field imaging.

      Highligted Features include:
    • High brightness Schottky emitter operated at 300 kV
    • Super Twin Lens
    • digital CCD camera with 4k x 4k image resolution
    • EDX for elemental analysis
    • low dose capability
    • Plastic 3D electron tomography
    • Plastic STEM 3D tomography

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FEI Spirit 120kV LaB6 Routine Cryo-EM Capable Electron Microscope

    The FEI Spirit is is an easy-to-use transmission electron microscope that provides high-contrast and high-resolution images of plastic-embedded thin-sectioned material, negative stained samples, Cryo-EM single particle, and samples prepared for immunolabeling. The high-contrast images produced by the Spirit are due to its unique BioTWIN lens, which is designed for optimal contrast and for observing stained and unstained biological material.

      Highligted Features include:
    • Digital CCD Camera 2k x 2k image resolution
    • C-Twin
    • Low Dose capability
    • Routine Imaging
    • automatic beam aligments

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Baltec HPM 010 High Pressure Freezing Machine

    The High Pressure Frezzer (HPF) allows rapid cryo-fixation of samples, eliminating the artifacts associated with traditional chemical fixation.

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Two Gatan 626 Single Tilt cryo-holder

    The 626 single tilt liquid nitrogen cryo-transfer holder is designed for low temperature transfer and subsequent recording of electron beam sensitive, frozen hydrated specimens in the TEM

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Two Leica Automatic Freeze-Substitution Processor (AFS)

    Highligted Features include:
  • Computer Temperature Control (-140 C to +60C)
  • Better Preservation of epitopes for Immunocytochemistry
  • Uv Resin polymerization

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